In addition to the invaluable in-kind support we have obtained from faculty, companies, and students of all kinds, a few organizations have committed particular resources helping us and we would like to acknowledge them here. We are always looking for ways to support more students and activities. If you might be interested in supporting the Skunkworks please email Dane Morgan at

We are very grateful to the National Science Foundation for support for Prof. Morgan and a postdoc, our educational collaborators in the UW MRSEC, and collaborators at Boise State University  through the NSF Training-based Workforce Development for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure (CyberTraining) award No. 2017072. (2020-present) Click here for more information on this grant

We are very grateful to the Schmidt Family Foundation for their support of the NextGen Fellowships. Their generous gift is allowing us to host multiple NextGen fellows working at UW Madison in materials Informatics. This project is in close collaboration with Citrine, LLC and multiple other Universities.

We are very grateful to the National Science Foundation UW Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) for support on multiple fronts, including providing funding for skunkworks students over the summer, sharing data and faculty time to support projects, and enabling industry contacts through promoting the Skunkworks at the MRSEC’s Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC) events. (2015-present)

We greatly appreciate the U.S. Department of Energy, Nuclear Energy, Light Water Reactor Sustainability program whose support has sustained a Skunkworks team focused on applying advanced machine learning methods for predicting reactor pressure embrittlement. (2015-present)

We are very grateful to Citrine Informatics for culling through their astronomical library of data to share with us carefully curated data sets for machine learning applications in materials science. They have been an ongoing support and inspiration! (2015-present)

We are very grateful to the UW College of Engineering (CoE) for support from multiple source. The CoE has awarded professor Morgan with the Harvey D. Spangler Professorship (2015-2020), which has provided extensive support for the food and drink that drive late nights at the lab, as well as such things as poster printing, references books, and other essentials. In June 2017 the Education Innovation Committee, with matching funds from the UW MRSEC (see above) and the Materials Science and Engineering Department, provided very gener0us support for developing software, tutorials, and data sets to remove barriers to undergraduate engagement in skunkworks research. (6/2017-5/2018)

We are very grateful to the National Science Foundation for critical support for Prof. Morgan and multiple of his students and postdocs through the NSF Software Infrastructure for Sustained Innovation (SI2) award No. 1148011. (2015-2018)