Ajmain Naqib Wins Posse Summer Leadership Awards(PSLA) New York 2019

Congratulations to Skunkworker Ajmain Naqib for winning the Posse Summer Leadership Awards (PSLA) New York 2019 with a monetary award of $1500 by the Posse Foundation.


Posse’s career and alumni programs provide professional and leadership development opportunities to support Scholars and alumni as they transition from being leaders on campus to becoming leaders in the workforce. Building a successful career takes time and students are starting their careers earlier than ever before—from meaningful part-time jobs on campus to leadership conferences during spring break—there are many ways to start developing the skills, experiences and networks that you will need to achieve your professional and leadership goals. It is critical that Posse Scholars and alumni participate in career programming, especially summer internships, to be competitive in the workforce. Summer internships provide opportunities to explore career interests in a hands-on way, gain a deeper understanding of the work world, develop a professional network, obtain invaluable experience, and build an impressive resume.

Posse Summer Leadership Awards (PSLAs) are designed to relieve the financial obstacles associated with Scholars participating in unpaid or minimally paid internships. It is given to Posse Scholars who will be engaged in a meaningful professional or volunteer opportunity (service or leadership).

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