Informatics Skunkworks 4th All-Hands Meeting Saturday December 9, 2017

Informatics Skunkworks 4th All-Hands Meeting
Saturday December 9, Room ERB 1307, UW Madison

img_1098Informatics Skunkworks 4th All-Hands Meeting Participants (without the team that called in from Hope College, unfortunately)

All  author names are listed alphabetically.

10am Welcome, Coffee + donuts/bagels, T-shirts, Introductory Remarks, Dane Morgan

10:15 am Skunkworks Learning Materials Initiatives (“Better Glasses-Education” Group and Curriculum, Codes-MASTML, and Databases) (Ben Afflerbach, Joshua Bernson, Chris Borg, Ebenezer Fanibi, Zhengyang Guo, Ryan Jacobs, Jonathan Leet, Bryce Meredig, Dane Morgan, Vanessa Meschke, Ajmain Naqib, Aditya Sharma, Patrick Stiles, Jacob Struve, Sam Wagner, Dongling Wang)

10:45 am Designing Better Glass Formers (Michael Hibbard, Vanessa Meschke, Dane Morgan, Sean Palac, Logan Ward)

11:00 am Predicting Concrete Mechanical Properties (Steve Cramer, Michael Hibbard, Adam Klager, Vanessa Meschke, Dane Morgan, Le Pham)

11:15 am Automated Defect Characterization in STEM Images – Hope College (Brent Krueger, Baylie Mooney, Paul Pearson, Courtney Peckens, Peter Timperman)

11:25 am Predicting Perovskite Catalysts (Ryan Jacobs, Wei Li, Dane Morgan, Minh Nguyen, Maciej Polak, Zuf Wang Eli Wrenn)

11:40 am Automated Defect Characterization in STEM Images – UW (Hima Adusumilli, Kevin Field, Wei Li, Dane Morgan, Jacob Perez)

11:55 pm noon Group Picture at the Fountain, Break

12:10 pm Working Lunch – Pizza Arrives!

12:15 pm Accelerating Dynamical System Modeling (James Buenefil, Benjamin Peherstorfer, Melissa Schmidt-landin)

12:30 pm Predicting Irradiated Fuel Composition (Baptiste Mouginot, Virat Singh, Paul Wilson)

12:45 pm Predicting Ductile to Brittle Transition in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels with Machine Learning (Ben Afflerbach, Dane Morgan, G. Robert Odette, Matthew Parker, Josh Perry)

12:55 pm Accelerating High-Fidelity Electron Microscopy Simulation (Aidan Combs, Jie Feng, Jason Maldonis, Dane Morgan, Paul Voyles)

1:10 pm Dane wrap up, plans, and discussion of ways to improve.

  • How can we increase communication and interaction?
  • How can we increase value to participants?
  • What should we do differently?
  • How can we grow/improve?

1:30 end