Informatics Skunkworks 6th All-Hands Meeting Saturday December 8th, 2018

Informatics Skunkworks 6th All-Hands Meeting
Saturday December 8th, 2018, Room ERB 1307, UW Madison

All  author names are listed alphabetically.

10:00 am Welcome, Coffee + donuts/bagels, T-shirts, Introductory Remarks (Dane Morgan)

10:25 am Predicting Ductile to Brittle Transition in Reactor Pressure Vessel Steels (Yu-Chen Liu, Alexander Politowicz, Linda Xiao)

10:45 am Automated Defect Detection in STEM images (Alex Dolehanty, Jacob Greaves, Wei Hao, Leah Krudy, Brent Krueger, Guanzhao Li, Yuhan Liu, Mingren Shen, Dongxia Wu)

11:05 am Predicting Molecular Properties (Wei-ting Chen, Nathaniel Krakauer, Qiying Li, Zuoyi Li, Xianjia Shao, Xiaoyu Sun, Alfred Sunaryo)

11:25 am STEM Simulations: 2 (Cloris Feng, Nick Lawrence, Ruiqi Yim)

11:45 am Informatics Skunkworks Tools and Resources (Ben Afflerbach, Ryan Jacobs)

12:15 pm Break for Group Picture (All)

12:30 pm Lunch + Group Discussion on Skunkworks Organization, Feedback, and Questions (Ben Afflerbach, Dane Morgan)

1:00 pm Designing Better Glass Formers (Vanessa Nilsen, Logan Ward)

1:20 pm Closing Comments + Steps to be Involved Next Semester (Dane Morgan)

1:30 end