Informatics Skunkworks 9th All-Hands Meeting Friday December 10th, 2021

Where/When: Saturday December 10th, 2021, Remote via Zoom

Meeting Agenda

Author names are alphabetical by last name.

All times are listed in central time. For presenters please plan to leave 5 minutes for questions within your allotted time.

5:30 PM Welcome, Introductory Remarks (UW Madison – Dane Morgan)

5:45 PM Group Picture via Zoom (All)

5:50 PM A Day in the Life of a Data Scientist (Citrine Informatics – Scott Isaacson)

6:10 PM Materials Databases Generated by Natural Language Processing (UW Madison – Ching-Wen Wang, Maciej Polak)

6:20 PM Automated materials structure characterization using machine learning (BSU –  Eric Jankowski, Harry Hsu, Jerry Liu, Mahmood Mamivand, Melissa Samaniego)

6:30 PM Guided Discovery and Evaluation of Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics – (Texas A&M –  Kenna Ashen, Nicholas Williams, Tyler Shiery, Victor Vogt)

6:40 PM Predicting Metallic Glass Mechanical Properties (UW Madison/BYU – Ben Afflerbach, Josh Belot, Levi Williams, Luca Chen, Yueyang Wang)

6:50 PM Wrap up and Feedback

6:55 PM Fill out Survey

7:00 PM End