Science and Engineering Informatics Help Desk

We are very excited to announce the initiation of the Science and Engineering Informatics Help Desk (IHD).  Information is here:

The IHD seeks to help students, staff, and faculty who need technical help on research at the interface of data science and science and engineering. It is basically an open discussion with some experts there to help. Questions might include anything but some examples below

  • What machine learning method might work best for this data?
  • I downloaded this code from Github but keep getting these errors – can you help?
  • Any idea if problem “X” might have a good data science solution?
  • Do you know how to get error bars for neural networks?
  • How do I use X? (X=Scikit-learn, Tensorflow, Pytorch, HuggingFace, …)

Please come join us to discuss challenges in this exciting new area. No guarantees we can help you, but maybe someone else in discussion can! And if you have expertise and might want to help staff the help desk please let us know (email Ben Afflerbach <>).  Thanks!

Supported by the National Science Foundation Grant # 2017072.