Congratulations to Skunkworks Members for Multiple Awards!

457c1a35d6dd5bd0cb4bf41d8bf48f32-blue-ribbon-lambAidan Combs won a University Bookstore Award which will provide $1,000 for independent research she is doing in the Skunkworks.

457c1a35d6dd5bd0cb4bf41d8bf48f32-blue-ribbon-lambVanessa Nilsen won a Hilldale Undergraduate/Faculty Research Fellowship which will provide $3,000 to Vanessa and $1,000 to Prof. Morgan and Vanessa to further their research collaborations in the Skunkworks.

457c1a35d6dd5bd0cb4bf41d8bf48f32-blue-ribbon-lambYuhan Liu won a Welton Summer Sophomore Apprenticeship which will provide a $2,500 stipend to help support her work in Summer 2018 in the Skunkworks.

457c1a35d6dd5bd0cb4bf41d8bf48f32-blue-ribbon-lambAjmain Faieq Naqib won a $1500 WISCIENCE Summer Research Program scholarship that will help support his work in Summer 2018 in the Skunkworks.

Congratulations to all the Skunkworks winners and thank you to UW Madison for these great fellowships.